civil constitution

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During the meeting, the Australian official congratulated the Tunisians on the promulgation of a consensual civil constitution, praising the process of democratic transition in the country which, she said, is an example to follow in the region.
The phantoms do not believe in democracy and civil constitution.
The Civil Constitution of the Clergy forced the Church to accept the election of parish priests and bishops.
Adding to the tensions, the parliamentary commission tasked with working on a new civil constitution - a key requirement for membership of the EU - has abandoned its work.
SULAIMANIYA/ Aswat al-Iraq: Opposing Kurdish Change Movement stressed necessity for civil constitution for the Kurdish region with clear cut separation of powers and determining the freedom of the people.
In modern society where political life is organized under a civil constitution, the Church, says Benedict, can participate only indirectly in the quest for a just social order, leaving this task to the laity.
In the document, it announced its desire for a civil constitution protecting equal rights, for equality between men and women, and protections for free speech and other human rights.
March 01 2012 (TUR) -- The European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee (AFET) called for a civil constitution in Turkey.
We will make sure we are going to bring the country to a civil constitution and democratic system.
on October 13 to discuss wording a new civil constitution to replace the
One of the laws with a strong impact was the civil Constitution of the clergy that involved the transformation of the clerical staff into officials of the French state, as well as the elimination of the monastic orders out (3).
The group's leadership said later it had turned its back on violence and would support a civil constitution for Egypt with an Islamic reference.