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When Joseph Bechara, the president of Lebanon's Council of Notaries Public, who officiated the ceremony, proclaimed that the couple had chosen to hold a "civil marriage on the lands of the Lebanese Republic," the crowd gathered for the wedding raised a resounding cheer.
The debate on "Civil Marriage" has been sparked all over again among Lebanese after the interior minister's remarks on her intention to raise the issue to authorities so it gets recognized.
A large number of foreigners who wed in Cyprus by civil marriage did not reside on the island.
In a written statement, Etap said that its chairman and the mayor of Larnaca argued that such an action would "give a competitive advantage by contributing to the increase in civil marriages" of couples visiting from abroad.
"Our petitions, when granted, will only legalize same-sex marriages under the law - civil marriages performed before judges and mayors," Falcis added.
But an old apartheid-era law called the Native Administration Proclamation 15 of 1928 makes "out of community of property" the default matrimonial property regime for civil marriages between "Natives" north of the old "Police Zone".
A majority of Jewish Israelis support allowing civil marriage and divorce in Israel, according to a survey released for Valentine's Day.
NNA - "The number of Lebanese civil marriages held in Cyprus reached 560 in the year 2014," Lebanese Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Ministry disclosed in a statement on Saturday, following a statistical report by Lebanon's Ambassador to Cyprus, Youssef Sadaka.
There was no problem until they entered legal, civil marriages.
COUPLES here can now hold civil marriages outdoors after confusion in the law was cleared up.
To be sure, confessional laws discouraged civil marriages in Lebanon--and strongly disapproved of mixed Christian-Muslim weddings unless one of the two converted--even if this latest legally binding order may actually be the harbinger of a nascent civil state.
The blessing of civil marriages between same-gender couples can now take place in the Anglican diocese of British Columbia