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Thirty-one years ago, the then chart-topping revolutionary artist, poet and civil rights activist Gil ScottHeron played Liverpool's Royal Court Theatre with The Amnesia Express.
GENEVA -- A top Kashmiri civil rights activist, who testified earlier in European Parliament, and an Indian lawyer who served in the UN tribunal on Rwanda, succeeded in reaching the United Nations in Geneva to challenge India's narrative on Kashmir.
The pinnacle of the event was a speech delivered at the Town Hall by renowned civil rights activist Diane Nash, whose talk was entitled Reflections on the American Civil Rights Movement.
CIVIL rights activist the Reverend Jesse Jackson is set to give a public lecture on educational opportunities for young black people at Oxford University's Regent's Park College.
She also meets Nikki, the daughter of one of the black ministers in town and a civil rights activist, and becomes a volunteer in the quest to demand a vote in the high school to change the school team name from The Rebels and to remove the Confederate flag as their emblem.
Veteran civil rights activist and NAACP board chair JULIAN BOND, in a speech accepting an award from the Human Rights Campaign in Washington, D.
In 1971, a contemporary supporter of the fiery orator and civil rights activist Stokely Carmichael described him as "one of the most loved, hated, respected, feared, and misunderstood black men of our generation.
In introducing the long-time civil rights activist, host city Mayor Bill Purcell said the doors of Thomas's church go both ways--they welcome in, but they also welcome back out into the larger community.
Kentucky Baptist Homes for Children case include Pedreira, three members of the clergy and an African-American civil rights activist.
On a recent Sunday afternoon, I joined a San Francisco civil rights activist in addressing several dozen chief executive officers from the petroleum industry.