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1 a person learned in the civil or Roman law.
2 as an adjective, pertaining to the civil or Roman law.
3 a person not in the armed forces.

CIVILIAN. A doctor, professor, or student of the civil law.

References in classic literature ?
Terence, you're a civilian," said Dinah Shadd warningly.
We were shut up in Bhurtee, the regiment of us with half a battery of artillery, a company of Sikhs, and a lot of civilians and women-folk.
At this the man glanced down at his civilian attire, lifted his eyes, and said with hesitation:
I thought you civilians had no pluck; but I'll never get in your way when you are in your cups, Jos.
My faith," said Aramis, "I must confess I feel a great repugnance to fire on these poor devils of civilians.
De la garde nationale Americaine = of the American national guard-- Cooper is here satirizing the pretensions and gaudy uniforms of civilians holding nominal commissions as "Colonels" of American state militias}
Of women and children and civilians there was a countless swarm.
Would you hand him over to a pack of cowardly civilians, that shake in their shoes till they wear the soles out, with trembling at the threats of the ragamuffins he belongs to?
Parties to the conflict must take all feasible precautions to protect the civilian population against the effects of attacks, UNAMA added.
Between 1 January and 30 June 2015, UNAMA documented 4,921 civilian casualties (1,592 civilians deaths and 3,329 injured)," the report said.
The decision set a new precedent, with the justices determining that civilian courts should have jurisdiction in matters that are clearly civilian offenses and have little direct relation to matters of military discipline.
According to UN data, the Taliban appear to be responsible for the vast majority of attacks on civilians in Afghanistan - out of 3,021 civilian deaths reported last year, 77 percent were attributed to them and insurgent groups.

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