civilian police

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When military personnel supplied their utilities in aid of law enforcement, civilian police units found it hard to ignore those units' methods given their effectiveness in locating a sniper's "point of origin," just as the military was trained to do in combat scenarios; however, if the sniper was found, it was expected that the civilian police would make contact.
But some councilors argued against the order, saying now is not the time to consider establishing a civilian police review board.
The operations also resulted in the detonation of three roadside bombs "equipped and prepared for use against the armed forces and civilian police".
The Civilian Police Academy serves as the sole training source for all DA civilian police and security guards.
In addition, through its Civilian Police mission, the U.S.
Bob Jones wants to employ the new civilian police chiefs, who will earn PS22,500 per year for just ten days work a month.
The footage was discovered after one of the members of the patrol was arrested by civilian police in the UK over an unrelated matter, it is understood.
); PNN EUPOL COPPS jointly with the Palestinian Civilian Police gender unit, awarded the Chief of the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) Major General Hazem Attallah, with the annual gender award due to his strong commitment in promoting gender inside the Palestinian Police, within the Security Sector and among the other police organizations in the Arabic Region.
The carefully chosen words of the Scottish Government mask the fact that many highly trained police officers are finding themselves deskbound doing the jobs of civilian police workers who have been axed as part of the cuts process.
Two citizens of Kyrgyzstan serve as civilian police officers, the rest as military observers.
peacekeepers and an additional 900 civilian police for South Sudan.
Personnel from the national army, civilian police and armed police will take over the job of monitoring the camps housing Maoist combatants and their weapons, Internal Affairs Minister Bhim Rawal said.

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