civilian police

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WORCESTER -- The City Council has stopped in its tracks a proposal to consider the feasibility of establishing a civilian police review board.
There are now plans to issue firearms to the civilian police officers, the officer said.
This civilian police force has operated since 1991 when the Department of Defense Police Guard Company activated.
Apart from maintaining law and order, the civilian police are engaged in recruiting a new 3,000-strong Timorese police force, which will be composed of East Timorese.
To date, more than 6,000 American police officers have participated in Civilian Police Program and International Police Advisor missions with DynCorp International working in many countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Liberia, Kosovo, Bosnia, East Timor, Sudan and Haiti and for the Palestinian Authority.
Under the task order, DynCorp International will provide at least 580 civilian police advisors to advise, train, and mentor the Afghanistan National Police and the Ministry of Interior.
DynCorp International will recruit more than 800 civilian police advisors to help advise, train and mentor the Iraqi Police Service, Ministry of Interior, and Department of Border Enforcement.
We fully share our government's belief that the democratic values and civic culture that American civilian police officers impart to their Afghan counterparts are an essential part of our training, as is the example of civilians securing their own communities.
Civilian police worker Gaynor Loveday, 46, persuaded two colleagues to alter computer records.
About 150 angry Los Angeles residents called for an independent investigation of the Los Angeles Police Department Rampart scandal at a civilian Police Commission hearing Tuesday night.
The first contingent of an international civilian police force arrived Monday in East Timor ahead of the territory's August referendum on its status.
A RACIST Welsh soccer thug who threw his underwear in the face of a black civilian police officer was jailed for 15 months yesterday.

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