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Civilised Investments submitted an application for a UK banking licence in June 2016 and will change it's name to Civilised Bank upon authorisation.
The alternative is for the civilised world to stand by and just wring its hands.
But we were proud to be British and happy living in a safe, civilised country.
If you've been following my writing, I last questioned whether or not I was civilised, and what civilisation entails.
Class or group discussion is a disciplined, civilised and civilising process.
Abdullah Nasser Al Junaibi, Acting Executive Director of the Municipal Services, said: "This campaign comes in the framework of an integrated plan aimed at ridding our cities and streets of all forms of negative practices that contribute to distorting the civilised public appearance.
I'm aware none of this should be necessary in a civilised society.
The Moral is that civilised manners are notA linked ONLY with "queuing behavior" nor is it linked ONLY with western standards, it is a global thing which principally involves "Respect towards others"A unfortunately the "Perfect civilised example does not exist, not in Dubai nor "anywhere"
Sweden is a mature political democracy because the comrades there believe in civilised politics and it is why Socialism has a long history in that country.
It seems rugger fans can't understand why they can have a civilised drink at Twickenham but not at Murrayfield.
You glide in through one of the most agreeable airports in the world--along impeccably detailed woodwork and long sailing spars, past highly civilised seafood bars and bookstores that carry the very latest issues of Frieze, Guitar, Stereophile or the Quarterly Review and down onto the platform for the city train.
to consider the laws of the native of Australasia any indication of the real character of this people, for many races, who were at one period subject to the most barbarous laws, have, since new institutions have been introduced amongst them, taken their rank amongst the most civilised nations of the earth.