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One of the greatest gifts of Christianity, it should be observed, and one of the most important influences in medieval civilization, was the network of monasteries which were now gradually established and became centers of active hospitality and the chief homes of such learning as was possible to the time.
Danes' the whole northeastern half of the island obtained for the remainder the peace which was the first essential for the reestablishment of civilization.
It is nothing less than the high-speed tool of civilization, gearing up the whole mechanism to more effective social service.
The first trap was set in the long run-up to civilization, when we perfected our hunting techniques.
Oak: The Frame of Civilization by William Bryant Logan
But the commentary soon deeppens in both eccentricity and import, taking on grand matters of history, civilization, and language.
The greatest challenges and the greatest opportunities can be found in understanding this new civilization and its paradigms and in having a clear vision of the future.
I shall also discuss the problem that, because of the nature of the transmission of knowledge these days, this flurry of new books on practical aspects of Islamic ritual and scientific highlights of Islamic civilization will probably never reach a serious Muslim scholarly audience in the form that I am publishing them.
He developed a project on "Science and Civilization in China" and invited many experts from around the world to cooperate in the project.
Civilization VI: Rise and Fall builds upon the critically- acclaimed gameplay experience of Civilization VI giving players new choices, strategies, and challenges as they guide a civilization through the ages.
Synthetization supposes pure language of civilization is a categorical mistake.
The research being done on Indus Valley civilization presently in many foreign universities is not moving in right direction and actual fact are being distorted ruthlessly.