civilized behavior

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First of all, they should demand that the Kiev authorities show respect for the rules of civilized behavior and put an end to the atrocities carried out by the neo-Nazi scum, who try to run things in the country and impose their will," Lavrov concluded.
Once again, Israel must be made to comply with the fundamental tenets of decency, civilized behavior and international law," she concluded.
Makkah, Dhu-AlQa'dah 15, 1438, Aug 7, 2017, SPA -- Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, Advisor to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Governor of Makkah region and Chairman of the Central Hajj Committee has affirmed the Kingdom's rejection of all calls aiming at politicizing and internationalizing Hajj, noting that Hajj is a worship and civilized behavior.
LAHORE -- Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif in his tweet on atrocities of Indian forces against unarmed Kashmiris has said that India is flouting all moral values and norms of civilized behavior in Kashmir.
Civilized behavior is predicated on the principle of one human being interacting with another, not a human being interacting with a mechanical or electronic extension of another person.
Defense Minister said that India which claimes to be the largest democracy committed an act of aggression by crossing internationally recognized border in violation of International law and against the norms of civilized behavior among the States.
This terrorist massacre exceeds civilized behavior," said Jan Kubic, UN Secretary General's Special Representative for Iraq.
Still, the portrayal of the dysfunction lurking in all facets of a superficially ordered world, combined with the unsettlingly close-hitting depiction of a parents desire for retribution in the face of an innocent toddlers senseless death and legal limitations on the punishment meted out to minors, make Confessions both an enjoyable read for fans of the genre and an uncomfortable reminder of how thin the veneer of civilized behavior may be in the world and in ourselves.
He added: "We went out since more than four months expressing peacefully our legitimate demands with civilized behavior did resort to offend any state property since the beginning," stressing that such malicious statements and accusations must be held accountable by the judiciary that they lacked to evidence , he said.
8220;It concerns this human divide between barbaric and civilized behavior in modern society.
With beheading of an Indian soldier by Pakistani troops clearly weighing on her mind, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi said on Friday that India's dialogue with its immediate neighbors must be based on accepted principles of civilized behavior.
Salim Al-Asmari, executive director of the automobile institute, commended the program for developing a civilized behavior among the younger generation.