civilized behavior

See: decorum
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Defense Minister said that India which claimes to be the largest democracy committed an act of aggression by crossing internationally recognized border in violation of International law and against the norms of civilized behavior among the States.
This terrorist massacre exceeds civilized behavior," said Jan Kubic, UN Secretary General's Special Representative for Iraq.
Still, the portrayal of the dysfunction lurking in all facets of a superficially ordered world, combined with the unsettlingly close-hitting depiction of a parents desire for retribution in the face of an innocent toddlers senseless death and legal limitations on the punishment meted out to minors, make Confessions both an enjoyable read for fans of the genre and an uncomfortable reminder of how thin the veneer of civilized behavior may be in the world and in ourselves.
Addressing the ceremony, the Prince stressed the importance of sport in peoples' lives as a humane and civilized behavior and a lifestyle that contributes to renewing healthy lives reflecting the progress of peoples and their advancement.
But she is the first to admit that manners, the principles of civilized behavior, and etiquette, the customs of one's own society, are too complex to be learned in one gulp.
He added: "We went out since more than four months expressing peacefully our legitimate demands with civilized behavior did resort to offend any state property since the beginning," stressing that such malicious statements and accusations must be held accountable by the judiciary that they lacked to evidence , he said.
8220;It concerns this human divide between barbaric and civilized behavior in modern society.
We need to understand that discipline on the roads reflects overall conduct and civilized behavior of a nation.
In a statement issued in the marches, the participants confirmed their support and their adherence to the democratic path, which is a civilized behavior for the peaceful transfer of power.
The Syrian authorities praised the demonstrations staged in several cities throughout the country, pointing at the civilized behavior of the demonstrators who yelled, according to the official media, in favor of freedom, the martyrs and the country.
Abdulla Hassan Al Noman, Manager, Retail Sales Operations at Emarat, praised the corporation's employees at various stations in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, for their honesty and civilized behavior and dedication to their assigned duties.
We must learn to recognize the early-warning signs of genocide and put diplomatic and economic pressure on those who violate the norms of civilized behavior.