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The second is the process sociology of Norbert Elias, especially his work on "the civilizing process," but seen through the eyes of someone with a long-term engagement in critical social theory.
Whenever he lacks a civilizing feminine presence (his mother, after all, is the one who beats him), he responds by delving deeper into savagery--into the wilderness where "something evil" lives.
Colonialism as Civilizing Mission: cultural ideology in British India, London, Anthem Press, 2004, p.
If it can be admitted that the religious, specifically Christian, ingredient in the mix of universalizing energies constituting the civilizing process largely serves a political, social, secular end for sixteenth-century Castile and exists as one among several other influences offering a complex already evident in the thought of Ramusio, [66] we are better prepared to entertain the possibility of the prominence, if not preeminence, of the city itself as the salient and decisive civilizing force.
90) This contrast, to take just one example, structures Plutarch's paired lives of the Spartan Lycurgus and the Roman Numa Pompilius, the latter of which, significantly, narrates the same model of the civilizing process that structures the Irish tracts.
assesses his role in the American civilizing efforts in Liberia and later in Maryland in Liberia, two African American settlements that were established in West Africa by Americans in the early 19th century.
Van Vree's perspective is built upon Norbert Elias's theory of civilizing processes: the history of meetings is considered within the context of a long-term process of expanding and increasingly dense networks of interdependency.
As other scholars have done with similar accounts of civility, Correll situates this history and analysis of the Grobianus phenomenon within the account of Western "civilization" laid out in Norbert Elias's The Civilizing Process, as well as Michel Foucault's investigations of discipline and power and Mikhail Bakhtin's readings of representations of the early modern body and carnival.
At present a hole in the ground, it will constitute another popular magnet and, while not part of the Holyrood Project, it probably owes its presence in this part of the city to the project's civilizing effects.
And debates over deculturation in Nyasaland, East Africa, Rhodesia, and Nigeria encouraged colonizers and colonized alike to question the merits of a civilizing mission that appeared to produce pathology, a central notion for Fanon.
Among the concepts they discuss are civilizing peoples through state citizenship and democracy, and racism and the continuity of Anglo-Saxon imperialism.
Fifth, while undermining the notion of an ever-increasing spiral of violence over the centuries is valuable, inverting the argument is, in some ways, equally troubling and overlooks the contradictions within the civilizing process itself (e.