claim for damages

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RYAN Giggs yesterday lost a claim for damages over his affair with glamour model Imogen Thomas.
The Welsh star's claim for damages had been struck out on a technicality because his solicitors had failed to keep it alive by informing the court of a date for the hearing.
Judge Graham Jones, sitting at Swansea Civil Justice Centre, will today hear Mrs Pugh's claim for damages from the union.
THE family of a boy who died during a trip to the dentist three years ago have launched a claim for damages.
A major casualty crisis is a catastrophic occurrence that may result in a claim for damages greater than the limits of underlying insurance and may cause significant adverse regional or national media coverage.
At the same time, the design professional should also provide notice to its insurance carrier of the potential claim for damages that may result from this completed design project.
Potential claims for damages against the former Board of directors and CEO Following the resolutions of the annual general meetings on 7 April 2008 in Carnegie and Carnegie Investment Bank AB not to grant discharge of liability to certain members of the previous Board of Directors and the CEO, the current Board has instructed legal expertise to investigate the conditions for bringing a claim for damages against individual former board members and the CEO.
Carol Breeze has spent years pursuing a private claim for damages after a judge ruled that city GP Sheikh Saeed Ahmad had been negligent in not properly examining her late husband Len.
is not admitting liability for the accident and the matter is now before a federally appointed judge to investigate Paterson's claim for damages against the corporation.
The father-of-three will never work again and his lawyers say he has a strong claim for damages for negligence.
The graphic showed that lost business value was not a valid theory to support a claim for damages because the lost value primarily affected the shareholders, not the plaintiff company.
Tal Ross, deputy director of general services, filed a claim for damages on Oct.