claim for damages

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The measure provides that the action initiated by a verified petition containing statement of the facts concerning the claim for damages, shall be brought by the claimant within a period of two years after his release from imprisonment.
The second bill expedites actions involving claims for damages resulting from a disaster emergency: any action involving an insurance claim for damages to property in a disaster area must be announced within 30 days after filing the initial request for court intervention, and all discovery, (identification and reporting of losses) must be completed within 60 days from the date of the first hearing.
RYAN Giggs yesterday lost a claim for damages over his affair with glamour model Imogen Thomas.
The Welsh star's claim for damages had been struck out on a technicality because his solicitors had failed to keep it alive by informing the court of a date for the hearing.
A BRITISH tourist who claimed she was traumatised when New Zealand police mistook her husband for a fugitive criminal lost an appeal seeking to press her pounds 440,000 claim for damages.
Working at home can alter your insurance risk, and a claim for damages could he denied if the damage was caused by the business.
FARMER Tony Martin today accepted an offer from a burglar whom he shot and wounded to drop a claim for damages.
The city agreed to withdraw its appeal of the provincial property assessment on condition the nickel producer not follow through on any civil litigation or claim for damages.
A UNISON employee who claims she was bullied and harassed in work will take the trade union to court today in a claim for damages.
THE family of a boy who died during a trip to the dentist three years ago have launched a claim for damages.
A major casualty crisis is a catastrophic occurrence that may result in a claim for damages greater than the limits of underlying insurance and may cause significant adverse regional or national media coverage.