claim to know

References in classic literature ?
For if he does not know definitely that than which it is more beautiful, he can no longer claim to know definitely that it is more beautiful than something else which is less beautiful: for it might be that nothing was less beautiful.
That helpful friend had surely the first claim to know why she had failed to keep her engagement with Sir Jervis Redwood.
I prayed for you, too, in spite of your insolence and impudence, also for your fellows, as it seems that you claim to know how I pray.
Of course, between the metal screams and the fact that the singing is in German, I can't really claim to know that the song is about the popular online game.
It is our regret that some women in Saudi Arabia are better able to understand their rights and the true values of Islam than the most brilliant religious scholars who claim to know right and wrong," said Hammoud.
I can't claim to know the answers, but I doubt they justify it.
Some employees even claim to know more about their manager's tastes than those of their own family or loved ones.
Summary: Few can claim to know what Michael Jackson was really like, but the star's new film This Is It attempts to give the world an insight.
2 Timothy 1, 12 CHRISTIANITY doesn't claim to know all the answers.
The answer to that question has baffled people for years and even those who claim to know are still not sure.
What percentage of British adults claim to know hardly anything about politics?
Government planners claim to know all, from how individuals should be living their lives to how far to live from work and how much money to make, population distribution and more.