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To demand or assert as a right. Facts that combine to give rise to a legally enforceable right or judicial action. Demand for relief.

A claim is something that one party owes another. Someone may make a legal claim for money, or property, or for Social Security benefits.

A claim also means an interest in, as in a possessory claim, or right to possession, or a claim of title to land.

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1) v. to make a demand for money, for property, or for enforcement of a right provided by law. 2) n. the making of a demand (assert a claim) for money due, for property, for damages or for enforcement of a right. If such a demand is not honored, it may result in a lawsuit. In order to enforce a right against a government agency (ranging for damages from a negligent bus driver to a shortage in payroll) a claim must be filed first. If rejected or ignored by the government, it is lawsuit time.

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1 a document under seal, issued in the name of the Crown or a court, commanding the person to whom it is addressed to do or refrain from doing some specified act.
2 a sum of money demanded.
3 a request for an order from a court.
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CLAIM. A claim is a challenge of the ownership of a thing which a man has not in possession, and is wrongfully withheld by another. Plowd. 359; Wee i Dall.444; 12 S. & R. 179.
     2. In Pennsylvania, the entry on of the demand of a mechanic or materialman for work done or material furnished in the erection of a building, in those counties to which the lien laws extend, is called a claim.
     3. A continual c1aim is a claim made in a particular way, to preserve the' rights of a feoffee. See Continual claim.
     4. Claim of conusance is defined to be an intervention by a third person, demanding jurisdiction of a cause against a plaintiff, who has chosen to commence his action out of the claimant's court. 2 Wils. 409; 1 Cit. Pb. 403; Vin. Ab. Conusance; Com. Dig. Courts, P; Bac. Ab. Courts, D 3; 3 Bl. Com. 298.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Martyn James of consumer complaints site Resolver said firms treated such inquiries as "claimable incidents", adding: "It's completely unfair."
For those who still believe that legal aid is a "gravy train" then rest assured that successive Governments have ensured that fees are fixed by the case (not paid on an hourly rate or even for every attendance) and aren't claimable just because one has turned up.
Icy weather can havoc at home and on the roads What can be particularly annoying is if you mention a claimable incident to your insurer but opt not to claim.
Recovering VAT: VAT is generally claimable on expenses you incur in the course of making your taxable supplies.
Rebates are only claimable for the face to face consultation (not the medicines or remedies); however this does not extend to mobile work including markets, corporate or hotels.
"We consider Greece's demands over the occupation loan and war reparations legally active and judicially claimable," Pavlopoulos said.
Rotich noted that under the VAT Act, most of the VAT associated with petroleum products is not claimable due to the exempt status of the products.
"Ensuring deliverability of reconditioned bags will help mitigate losses which may be claimable against marine cargo policies and the responsible carriers or parties as applicable."
Merit's cryptocurrency, MRT, is as easy to use as sending a tweet, and is claimable without wallets.
Moreover, Rodriguez said the CTMO will furnish a monthly record of total collection to POSO, of which, 10 percent is claimable as incentive subject to internal rules of disbursement.
The other one is the mileage allowance, a claimable amount for actual extra kilometres travelled by a member whose area of representation is beyond 375km.