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Le Premier ministre a indique que l'histoire et les experiences des peuples nous ont appris que l'edification des nations, la realisation de la renaissance et l'accomplissement des objectifs ne peuvent etre executes par les souhaits seulement, mais plutot par l'epaulement, la conjugaison des efforts, la clairvoyance et la foi en l'objectif.
The list below covers the principal remedies known for clairvoyance, extrasensory perceptions, and delusions relating to matters beyond the ordinary.
Clairvoyance was an easy winner of a maiden here last time, but she had the run of the race from the front and I don't think the performance was quite as good as it looked.
Stablemate Clairvoyance was a very easy winner over course and distance a few weeks ago and is given the nod, despite a considerable rise in class for the 32Red.
2 million for 2009; Waldorf Schools worldwide; the commercial interests selling Biodynamic certification to farmers, and entrepreneurs who pander clairvoyance for a profit.
There's been much documentation of telepathic interconnection and clairvoyance, and Powell's title constructs a new theory of consciousness based on these experiments, shedding new insights on the nature and science of ESP phenomenon.
Before that, he worked as an engineer at Honeywell Bull, taught at the University of Tours, France, and worked as a principal scientist at Xerox Research and Clairvoyance Corporation.
I have nothing against clairvoyants because I too have studied the art of clairvoyance.
AFTER winning a lucrative part-time job with the Queen's bank Coutts and Co, Ipswich Town chairman David Sheepshanks is being touted as a possible new FA chief executive and there can be no doubt he would bring an uncanny clairvoyance to the role.
It certainly did not require clairvoyance to know that an energy supply crisis would occur early in the 21st century.
Integrating Asian philosophies and New Age with a form of systematic parapsychology, Xiong covers the history of thought and practice and research methods in the field, then analyzes practices and beliefs such as extrasensory perception (including precognition, clairvoyance and clairsentience), psychokinesis (including poltergeists, levitation and paranormal healing), discarnate entities (including out-of-body experiences, personal guardian angels or demons and angel vision), altered states of consciousness (including dreams and drugs), and avenues of theoretical research.