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Spiritualist gatherings were concerned with demonstrating and investigating mental phenomena such as clairvoyance, telepathy and the reception of messages from spirits.
Pendant la saison 2005-2006, il joue la plupart des matchs en Coupe d'Angleterre oE il impressionne grand nombre d'observateurs par sa clairvoyance dans le jeu et sa solidite.
Meanwhile, Creek pays a visit to a former psychic magician who is about to pull off the most baffling act of clairvoyance in history.
For me, it is a certain clairvoyance and inner voice that compels the choice of locations.
Caption: Columbia Business School's Team "Clairvoyance Capital," won first place in the prestigious National Real Estate Challenge held at the University of Texas at Austin.
De son cote, le Premier ministre, Dr Hicham Qandil, a affirme que la victoire du Six Octobre n'aurait pu etre realisee en l'absence d'une volonte, une determination, une patience et une clairvoyance, ainsi qu'une preparation et un entraEnement prealable qui a dure des annees, avec de nombreux efforts et un travail assidu.
About his art, Khusro Sabzwari says I am an engineer by profession but an artist at heart whereas the extraordinary gift of clairvoyance runs in my blood.
They can have dreams, visions, and hallucinations; exhibit clairvoyance; may be able to read others' thoughts and emotions; have foreknowledge of events.
Stablemate Clairvoyance was a very easy winner over course and distance a few weeks ago and is given the nod, despite a considerable rise in class for the Fillies' Conditions Stakes.
Clairvoyance was an easy winner of a maiden here last time, but she had the run of the race from the front and I don't think the performance was quite as good as it looked.
Jenny writes in her memoir "Staying True" that the 12-year-old Bolton Sanford showed "such clairvoyance" for predicting the firestorm their dad unleashed by having a fling with the sexy South American lass Maria Belen Chapur instead of hiking the Appalachian Trail, reports the New York Daily News.
The Agriculture Lectures are based on this same "clairvoyance."