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In several weeks spent researching the world of clairvoyancy in Wales, I have learnt that the subject, like many other businesses, has its own lingo.
This allusion and its popular Victorian connection with clairvoyancy and superstition then becomes enhanced, in the subsequent paragraph, by Lucy once again paying detailed attention to various objets d'art around the room, perceiving them as familiar, and then connecting that familiarity with `the[ir] peculiarities, [.
A CLAIRVOYANCY night is being held to raise money for Cancer Research.
The source said there was no mention of clairvoyancy or psychic powers in the note, which was not published and was passed on to police authorities.
He's also got letters of thanks from people he has healed and those to whom he has given comfort through his clairvoyancy.
AN evening of psychic powers and clairvoyancy has been organised by Stourbridge Earth Mysteries.
The consequences of journalism becoming a branch of clairvoyancy strike me as far from positive.
Beliefs like astrology, paganism, faith healing, feng shui, Gaia environmentalism, spiritualism, clairvoyancy, and the power of crystals are commonplace.
The medium, from Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil, organised an evening of clairvoyancy.