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Pat, who had been shovelling coal all day, had gone home, and Clam had gone upon the Reindeer to cook supper.
The clams and scallops shall be ready within the hour," the mayor answered.
He was ordered to make chowder out of the big clams that grew in the lagoon.
This relieved the monotony of her clams and mussels.
The best clams for this recipe are the small kind, such as cherrystones or even littlenecks.
Its smallest cousin, Tridacna crocea, commonly known as the burrowing giant clam or boring giant clam, is the least threatened, as it remains relatively abundant in the Indo-Pacific area despite ongoing fishing activities.
As hermaphrodites, the clams' sperm and eggs should not come from the same clam to avoid inbreeding, he said.
The invasive clam the size of a fingernail was found in the Illinois River a little more than an hour southwest of Chicago - and Lake Michigan - and has been linked to the Corbicula genus, which has ties to the country since the early half of the 20th century.
KEY WORDS: softshell clam, Mya arenaria, Maine, intertidal aquaculture, manipulative field experiment, predator-deterrent netting, clam farming
Suddenly, squeals of excitement erupt from the group as one person happily displays a large clam he found buried in the sandy bottom.
Comparing seagrass patches that died with patches that survived, van der Heide and colleagues propose that maintaining the clam partnership made a difference.
All along Brevard shores, inshore anglers, jetty anglers and surfcasters have embraced the clam as an efficient bait.