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Pat, who had been shovelling coal all day, had gone home, and Clam had gone upon the Reindeer to cook supper.
I say to you again, how of the clams and scallops?"
"The clams and scallops shall be ready within the hour," the mayor answered.
He was ordered to make chowder out of the big clams that grew in the lagoon.
This relieved the monotony of her clams and mussels.
Mass mortality of the yellow clam, Mesodesma mactroides (Bivalvia: Mactracea) in Monte Hermoso beach, Argentina.Biological Conservation, vol.
Alan Forbes, spokesman for industry group the Razor Clam Fishermen's Forum, said: "Trials have been done in other parts of the UK and EU on the techniques with extremely positive results.
CLAMS were thrown back into the sea amid concerns about commercial harvesting on a beach yesterday.
The researchers found that while digging, the clam's up-and-down movement accompanied by opening and closing of its shell turns sand into the consistency of liquid quicksand.
According to the WPU, this particular type of clam was difficult to propagate because there are only a few of the species left.
Pheng Ny, a clam farmer and trader, told The Post on Sunday that despite owning a 5ha clam farm, she still needed to purchase more from fishermen to supply the local market.