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Clamor said they had monitored the duo to have been selling illegal drugs all over the city so they conducted the operation.
This is Cignal's fourth title in the league and the fourth for Clamor.
Despite the "government's malicious efforts to brand them as criminals'', Clamor said political prisoners are passionate, selfless and determined individuals who have lived and struggled alongside the marginalized.
The clamor for her to star as Wave began when she posted a tweet showing her admiration for Marvel's first Filipina heroine.
Pero ?como entendemos <<el clamor de la humanidad>>?
Clamor, Contracting Officer, Phone 8038955385, Email Jillian.Clamor@Us.Af.Mil
"A Clamor for Equality: Emergence and Exile of California Activist Francisco P.
Iran shares Lebanon the clamor of the electionsC* while Israel's clamor is a "nuclear" one.
But, there should be a clamor for more seating even with two games a year.
2 : a loud continuous noise <the clamor of a storm>
"It was called El Clamor Publico, and made its appeal, socially, to the better class of native Californians"--its editor noted in the first issue, however, that "foreigners have demonstrated much more fervor in subscribing to the paper than the Californios themselves."
It is not the poor who clamor for abortion on demand; it is the comfortable middle class.