clamor for

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We're happy that there is clamor for an extension from the people.
The spokesperson of presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte welcomed the latest survey conducted by the SWS showing the mayor's lead over the other presidential hopefuls come 2015 elections, adding that the result also reflects of the peoples clamor for genuine change.
A Clamor for Equality: Emergence and Exile of California Activist Francisco P.
3 : strong and loud demand <There was a public clamor for change.
It is not the poor who clamor for abortion on demand; it is the comfortable middle class.
Wickham also noted that Jakes' answer "put himself at loggerheads with those on the religious right who claim that this nation is a Christian state and who clamor for politicians to follow their lead.
exports of copper scrap, a group of red metals production and fabrication companies continues to clamor for government attention.
This volume doesn't stand alone, but readers of the first two titles will clamor for it.
Internet service providers (ISPs) worldwide, including AT&T WorldNet, Microsoft Corp's WebTV, Britain's BT Openworld, and Japan's Nifty, are betting consumers will clamor for voice and video e-mails.
Public health officials should resist the transplant community's clamor for animal organs in light of this new data," cautions virologist Jon Allan of the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research in San Antonio, Texas, in a commentary accompanying th e report.