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The clamorous noises again rushed down the island; and before Duncan had time to recover from the shock, his feeble barrier of brush was scattered to the winds, the cavern was entered at both its extremities, and he and his companions were dragged from their shelter and borne into the day, where they stood surrounded by the whole band of the triumphant Hurons.
And here, shipmates, is true and faithful repentance; not clamorous for pardon, but grateful for punishment.
We drove sullenly through Brienz, dead to the seductions of its bewildering array of Swiss carvings and the clamorous HOO-hooing of its cuckoo clocks, and had not entirely recovered our spirits when we rattled across a bridge over the rushing blue river and entered the pretty town of Interlaken.
From his musing, Cedric was suddenly awakened by the blast of a born, which was replied to by the clamorous yells and barking of all the dogs in the hall, and some twenty or thirty which were quartered in other parts of the building.
Despite warnings and strong objections from medical and health professionals, Acosta's clamorous crusade to find Dengvaxia causality in several children's deaths and criminality in the immunization program caused widespread panic among households, many of which ended up hiding their children from health workers offering free vaccination for dengue and other diseases, including measles, in their communities.
'This is different from the Malay-Muslims who were not as clamorous they are when it comes to the issue of Tamil Eelam,' he added, but did not clarify who he was referring to.
The clamorous ideologues in the Loud Left wing of the party get a lot of attention on social media, spreading the myth that Democratic successes in 2018 were based on a lurch away from moderation.
He or she - the two are alike - added its presence to the large population of similarly sized siskins, the redfaced goldfinches, the chaffinches, greenfinches (there were four here the other day feeding on the dandelion seeds), the dunnocks and the clamorous house sparrows.
While Imran Khan is known for a persistent faith in his selections since his cricketing days, and has never been seen opting for a change this early, the poor state of economy - which is evident from the gloom surrounding key economic indicators - as well as the clamorous criticism from the opposition and the media are sure to have compelled the prime minister to go for a change in the line-up even at a time when an economic bailout package from the IMF is in the works and the PTI government's first full-fledged budget is just round the corner.
At breeding-time the skies were clamorous; bird colonies came in dark clouds and the air thronged with wings like an eclipse.
Well, Microsoft is now saying it won't kill Skype 7 off just yet because it's heard the clamorous cries of users.
Mencken, once wrote: "The aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed, (and hence clamorous to be led to safety), by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary".