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So it was, exercising faculties that were no longer necessary, but that were still alive in him and clamorous for exercise, he followed the long-since passed wood-rat with all the soft-footed crouching craft of the meat-pursuer and with utmost fineness of reading the scent.
The clamorous noises again rushed down the island; and before Duncan had time to recover from the shock, his feeble barrier of brush was scattered to the winds, the cavern was entered at both its extremities, and he and his companions were dragged from their shelter and borne into the day, where they stood surrounded by the whole band of the triumphant Hurons.
And here, shipmates, is true and faithful repentance; not clamorous for pardon, but grateful for punishment.
We drove sullenly through Brienz, dead to the seductions of its bewildering array of Swiss carvings and the clamorous HOO-hooing of its cuckoo clocks, and had not entirely recovered our spirits when we rattled across a bridge over the rushing blue river and entered the pretty town of Interlaken.
From his musing, Cedric was suddenly awakened by the blast of a born, which was replied to by the clamorous yells and barking of all the dogs in the hall, and some twenty or thirty which were quartered in other parts of the building.
He further stated that it has been identified that certain extremists are trying to destroy harmony in Sri Lanka through various clamorous activities.
Wafting wistfully across the reedfringed waters of the sun-dappled pond, echoing eerily to the clamorous croak of mating frogs, was one of the most wonderful bird songs I have ever heard.
Every time, one turns on the TV, one gets to see hot political debates, clamorous morning shows, fashion, sports and cooking programmes.
Her chapters on Ophelia, Imogen, and Lady Macbeth are abridged or edited versions of earlier incarnations elsewhere (Players of Shakespeare and Clamorous Voices, for instance), but her collection (while neither an academic treatise nor a practical handbook) is a kind of autobiography spanning over thirty years of her career, moving from female roles of great vulnerability (Ophelia, Helena, Imogen) to those of confident complexity and wisdom (Beatrice, Portia) and culminating in a Cleopatra of genuine insecurity.
If you are this clamorous and determined to impose service ban against Grab and Uber, you should also display the same action on the complaints against regular taxis
Synopsis: In October 2016, the Swedish Academy finally conceded to a quarter-century's worth of clamorous petitions and sustained lobbying enacted by a chorus of poets, novelists, songwriters, and academics.
THE Aam Aadmi Party scurried on Tuesday to paper over the cracks within that have become apparent after a humiliating loss in the Delhi civic elections last month, as speculation about an impending split grew clamorous.