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First, in the last two lines of the octave of Wordsworth's sonnet, he writes that his detractors, "Waxed wroth, and with foul claws, a harpy brood / On Bard and Hero clamorously fell.
Unsurprisingly, there followed a flurry of responses, reviews, letters to the editor, and interviews, during which Graves continued not only to defend the authenticity of his source but also clamorously to condemn FitzGerald himself as ignorant (and morally dubious) and his poetry as incompetent.
Bay of Pigs, Grenada), nor does it signal imperialistic designs much less eschatological intoxication--as the loud Left and our more excitable citizens clamorously assert.
My Wild Cousin, not content with his Nursery freaks, was continually Mistaking Our Door for his and indeed one night riotously burst in as we were popping into Bed and Clamorously demanded where his little Cousins were--and railed that we were not forthcoming--We stood en chemise peppering behind the curtains.
Each of these and many others represent a different story implicit in the situation, and we wonder why we--personally and culturally--have so clamorously demanded only one or two variations.
Louis Post-Dispatch (he broke the Teapot Dome Scandal) denounces ANPA in his column in The Nation saying the publishers' organization's statements about the NRA were "carefully worded to enable the newspapers to escape the obligations which their editorial pages were clamorously urging all other employers to assume.
The motion went clamorously down, losing by a 61-to-38 vote.
BUDS pregnant with emerging blooms burst into rampant life before our very eyes and fresh green stems thrust clamorously towards the sun in Alan Titchmarsh's latest TV series.
For example, a major United States corporation's plan to build a plant to produce titanium dioxide was delayed when local residents clamorously opposed the new plant.
The lesson learned can be reprinted in full: The train is "reeking, grubby, airless, and clamorously loud," he writes.
While the first two headlines clamorously shout out Mainstream Hollywood Movie, the others defiantly proclaim the smaller picture, the art film, the quirky, idiosyncratic noncommercial tale Hollywood studios won't touch with a ten-foot fountain pen, even if it comes with a lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee.
He may be an orphan, but he is strongly linked to and clamorously claimed by Forest County.