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Almost each morning a letter from my owners would arrive, directing me to go to the charterers and clamour for the ship's cargo; to threaten them with the heaviest penalties of demurrage; to demand that this assortment of varied merchandise, set fast in a landscape of ice and windmills somewhere up-country, should be put on rail instantly, and fed up to the ship in regular quantities every day.
Jenny returned home well pleased with the reception she had met with from Mr Allworthy, whose indulgence to her she industriously made public; partly perhaps as a sacrifice to her own pride, and partly from the more prudent motive of reconciling her neighbours to her, and silencing their clamours.
Bluntly, I believe that the groundswell of anger amongst many ordinary people in Scotland could produce a clamour for another independence referendum that may well be unstoppable.
PAUL LAMBERT insists Charles N'Zogbia is not ready for an Aston Villa recall despite a growing clamour from fans.