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What I saw at first was the end of the table and the tray clamped on to it, a patent tray for sea use, fitted with holders for a couple of decanters, water-jug and glasses.
Then, after a momentary meditation, he plucked the spade from Flambeau, and, saying "We must hide it again," clamped the skull down in the earth.
I know a trick that'd fix that old horse if he ever clamped his tail down on me," Billy whispered
At the beginning of the machining process, the workpiece is clamped with an optimal clamping force.
In addition, by using this technology in conjunction with a rapid changing system consisting of changing station, roller bars, couplings, pre-heating station and die changing carts adapted to the machine, even molds weighing several tons can be changed and clamped in about 30 minutes with little effort (figure 1).