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FIFA have clamped down on the referees who will be clamping down on players in the World Cup Finals.
Just as people do when reaching for an item under normal circumstances, the volunteers opened their hands wider than necessary for a poker chip of each size as they began to reach out and then clamped down as they neared the target.
Thanks to the FBI and our own staff of sworn officers, we've subsequently clamped down with even stiffer security measures to prevent this kind of thing ever happening again," he said.
Verdugo Hills' defense clamped down in the fourthquarter, with Seller stopping University twice on fourth-down plays and Willie Fisher intercepting a pass with less than four minutes to go.
And unlike some other airlines that have clamped down on their restrictions on non-refundable fares, holders of non-refundable tickets on Horizon and Alaska Airlines can standby for another flight the same day without charge or travel another time for only a $50 fee and any applicable change in fare.