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The RAC Foundation cowboy clamping files show the extremes to which clampers are prepared to go: Clampers in Doncaster threatened to hold a mother's toddler to ransom until she collected pounds 60 from a bank.
Last week it was revealed that millions of motorists' personal details have been sold to clampers and parking firms by the DVLA.
We set up a three to four-person team to concentrate on these clampers which is a huge amount of resources," he said.
The arrival of a Garda upon the almost farcical scene still wasn't enough to administer a decent dose of cop-on to the moron clamper.
Peter, who works for Sureway Parking Services in Manchester, added: "The TV show Clampers didn't help our image.
THE RAC Foundation is to launch another national search for the UK's worst cowboy clamper.
I am doing this because of what the clampers did to me and my family.
Birmingham City Council has campaigned tirelessly for further legislation to tackle the problems associated with rogue wheel clampers and welcomed the outright ban.
The suggestion comes after a clamper in Portsmouth became the first in the UK to be clamped by an interim anti-social behaviour order.
The clamper had demanded pounds 120 to remove the clamp even though signs stated the fee was only pounds 90.
IF you happen to know Britain's worst car clamper, then tell the RAC Foundation about it.
We want to find the UK's worst cowboy clamper to expose the merciless and mercenary tactics used by some of these individuals.