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Key words: intelligent fixture, clamping force control, milling
Machatronics Sheet Clamping & Feeding Mechanism for Sheet Edge Grinding Machine-1 Make Festo For Clamping: With One Cylinder Stroke-50MM, Clamping force-40KG Feeding.
The clamping unit has been completely re-designed according to the most updated calculation criteria, making the unit even more robust and reliable.
The primary function of a clamping system is to hold the board tightly in place to provide optimum gasketing during printing process.
The authors recommended 3 minutes' delay from delivery to clamping with the infant at the same level as the mother ([+ or -] 10 cm).
The length of clamping time is still primarily a function of the glue," Uhling explains, saying some glues cure in only a minute while others take 20 minutes or more.
This safety system is a clamping device that replaces the ratchet bar system and mounts around the shafts of equipment to support vertical loads in case of equipment failure.
An improved system for clamping and retaining a cutting knife in position in an apparatus for processing wood.
Edge Grip low-profile clamps apply horizontal and vertical clamping force against the workpiece to pull it down onto the table and allow maximum cutter access to the workpiece surface.
A team of researchers working in Guatemala says it has found a painless, no-cost means of enriching babies' blood with iron at birth: delaying slightly the clamping of a newborn's umbilical cord.
By clamping onto the edge of a desk, workbench, or two-by-four, Belkin's new Clamp-On Surge Protector makes it more convenient to access your power outlets.
While it delivers up to 25 percent more clamping force than comparably sized swing clamps, the 8700 series lever clamp does not lock like a toggle clamp.