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Quick-change pallet systems that use locating pins to engage clamping modules to ensure that workpieces and workholding devices are mounted precisely and quickly offer an effective solution.
Limitations of toggle clamps include the fact that they need a very consistent clamping point and exerting force is not easily determined.
The pre-sterilized umbilical clamp and cutter is user friendly and is intended to clamp the umbilical cord approximately three quarters of an inch from the newborn while simultaneously clamping the cord on the placental side.
They use four direct-drive Sumitomo AC servo motors with closed-loop control and digital sensors for plasticating, injection, toggle clamping, and ejection.
Clamping force varies according to clamp head length.
The widest range of designs has been developed for clamping the head sections together, all with the purpose of producing short compound changeover times and the minimum amount of scrap.
In addition to VISE-GRIP(R) Locking Pliers, Clamps and Wrenches, its product lines include IRWIN(R) Woodboring and Cutting Tools, QUICK-GRIP(R) Clamping Products, JORAN(R) Drill Bits, JACK(TM) Hand Saws, POWERPRESS(TM) Pipe Clamps, TURBOMAX(R) Drill Bits, PROSNIP(TM) Snips, MARATHON(R) and SPRINT(R) Saw Blades, UNIBIT(R) Step Drills, HANSON(R) Taps, Dies and Drills, STRAIT-LINE(TM) Marking Tools, SPEEDBOR2000(R) Woodboring Bits and CHESCO(TM) Hex Tools.
The new feedback control enables the toggle clamp to function similar to a direct-pressure clamping approach.
Clamping in different directions is possible because of interchangeable contact bolts.
With the telescope clamping system, the company is said to follow the tradition of using a fully hydraulic clamping stroke.
For the first time, cut-sheet thermoformers have a mold-clamping system that is quick and efficient, according to Lenzkes Clamping Tools Inc.