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TNP-MS; Redmond, WA) have closed an agreement for TNP-MS to market Mor-Gal Plastic's innovative SidePinch(R) Clamp in North America.
Open clamps signalisation--to prevent manipulation with clamped part, or to prevent putting the part in the fixture, when there is one part already
Machine type: Continuous-extrusion, stationary or shuttle clamp
There are also new clamps available that are green in color, NSN 1260-01-521-7683, and have tighter tolerances than the old black clamps, NSN 1260-01-227-7480.
Made of all-304 stainless steel components, these clamps work on all types of clamp ferrules, achieving a leak-proof connection.
Although they offer superior holding power, traditional pneumatic toggle clamps are often too large for this type of tooling.
After cleaning, inspect and replace any clamps that will no longer fit the battery posts or whose ends touch when the clamp nut is tightened.
A new style clamp is being added to the Mitee-Bite line of ID Xpansion clamps, the Side-Loc Xpansion clamp, designed to hold parts on the bore when you cannot access the tapered screw.
The Schunk Unilock module clamps onto the clamping pin using spring force and unclamps pneumatically at 85 psi.
Beyond this frequency and for very stiff samples, the stiffness and mass of the fixed clamps, along with the stiffness and damping of the force sensor, must be taken into account.
The world's leading manufacturer of manual toggle clamps (used as workholding devices that hold items in place during the manufacturing process), DE-STA-CO makes a wide range of products used in automotive, machine tooling, and electronics industries around the world.
The BTS Precision Manufacturing 28mm transfer clamps were designed with cost effective productivity in mind over other transfer clamps.