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Clan had hoped to claw things back in the third but their hopes looked to be evaporating when Pither deflected Mark Derlago's strike into the net to increase the lead to three.
element-invisibleNation ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1"We ought to thank all sectors that exhausted diplomatic means of putting an end to this rido that caused the deaths of members of both clans and troubled for so long the neutral residents in affected areas," Mijares said.
A bloody armed confrontation between two Muslim clans here that left seven persons hurt on Christmas Eve was finally resolved last Thursday.
Among the cases attributed to clan war, or 'rido,' was the 2015 ambush in the town of Lumbaca-Unayan, which killed seven people and wounded 11 others.
Clan members also paid visits to O'Brien castles and O'Brien lands before meeting with Conor O'Brien, a direct descendant of Brian Boru and current Chief of the O'Brien Clan.
Tourism Minister Fergus Ewing welcomed the new figures released for Scottish Tourism Week 2016 as he confirmed funding for the Scottish Clan Fund will be up to 70,000 in 2016/17.
Sir Malcolm MacGregor of MacGregor bears the ancient title of chief of Clan Alpine, who include the McAlpines.
League leaders Cardiff had opened a five point lead at the top with a 5-3 win at Nottingham Panthers on Saturday and a capacity attendance of 2,300 spectators turned out at their Big Blue Tent home rink for the visit of Clan.
The Clan Mackenzie Society invited their old foes to a reconciliation event on Friday as part of their international gathering.
Around the 1760s, the Utbi Jalahima and al-Khalifa clans, both having reached Kuwait with the Sabahs and the other clans, migrated to Zubara (now Qatar), leaving the Sabahs as Kuwait's sole ruling clan.
Generally, the leader of a family clan decides which party members of his clan will vote for during elections.
Created by Pierre Potier and his Wyandot informants, the census provides the clan identity of a large segment of the community.