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CLANDESTINE. That which is done in secret and contrary to law.
     2.Generally a clandestine act in case of the limitation of actions will prevent the act from running. A clandestine marriage is one which has been contracted without the form which the law has prescribed for this important contract. Alis. Princ. 543

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The hotline functions as a tool for protecting the health of women who do not give up on their decision to abort in the face of criminal penalties, clandestinity, and stigma.
Phillips Oppenheim's The Evil Shepherd, in which the character Francis Ledsam gets through whisky, champagne, and liqueur in the first 28 pages, and meets his friends in a "small white Georgian dining-room, with every appurtenance of almost Sybaritic luxury." (24) Through her reading, Jordan could enjoy the thrills of clandestinity, associate with a life style that the Roosevelts took for granted.
However, Smith and Melley's work nonetheless represents some of the best style of writing on clandestinity with both authors treating their material with evident enthusiasm but also with critical intent.
If the woman does not appear in the theory of the partisan-that is, in the theory of the absolute enemy--if she never leaves a forced clandestinity, such an invisibility, such blindness, gives food for thought: what if the woman were the absolute partisan?
Robin Morgan offers a feminist analysis of terrorism seen through the lens of her own experience in radical social movements, political clandestinity and finally personal enlightenment.
The diffusion of statutes like "Megan's Law" (requiring the registration and public notification of the whereabouts of former sex offenders) just when the incidence of sexual crimes is dropping makes no sense in terms of instrumental rationality: it wastes the scarce resource of criminal justice and it subjects ex-sex offenders to repeated humiliation, pushes them into clandestinity, and thus increases their likelihood of reoffending.
They can only exist and be apprehended (by their contemporaries and [later] by scholars) through their material forms: as words which are written, voiced, copied, published, read, censored, hidden in clandestinity; of course, also translated.
Clandestinity of research goals--we distinguish questions with concealed targets from those with undisguised targets (direct question in which we assume that the respondent is willing to give an answer).
'Clandestino' thematizes the hardships of illegal immigration through a first-person perspective, and highlights the loss of identity that is the result of enforced clandestinity: 'I left my life / between Ceuta and Gibraltar'.
Every revenant seems here to come from and return to the earth, to come from it as from a buried clandestinity (tomb and subterranean prison), to return to it as to the lowest, towards the humble, humiliated.
As this suggests, communist history was often one of clandestinity, imprisoned activists and revolutionary martyrs.