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Nothing suggests the domestic scene better than the following: "The great clangor of the gong announced solemnly, authoritatively, that all those scattered about, in attics, in bedrooms, on little perches of their own, reading, writing, putting the last smooth to their hair, or fastening dresses, must leave all that, and the little odds and ends on their washing-tables and dressing-tables, and the diaries which were so private, and assemble in the dining-room for dinner"--the wonderful dinner, most festive of the many parties in Virginia Woolf's books, the dinner of the Boeuf en Daube.
Sloppier still are a couple more from In the Red: The Hunches Hobo Sunrise and The Piranhas Piscis Clangor.
Ovid, of course, doesn't rhyme, but Golding's rhymes propel the poem forward; by their sheer emphatic clangor they work to compensate for the absence of the alternating long and short syllables which Classical Latin, a quantitative language, affords its poets.
If all we need is any status label, however inconsequential to the law, in order to find refuge from postmodern clangor, then "partner" and "lover" would serve as well as "husband" and "wife.
The clangor of negative advertising produces an effect, like Gresham's law, on political discourse whereby the bad drowns out the good.
Amo-te assim, desconhecida e obscura/ Tuba de alto clangor, lira singela,/ Que tens o trom e o silvo da procela/ E o arrolo da saudade e da ternura
Tens of thousands of men and women found surplus on family farms, were seeking work amidst the heat, clangor, and menace of new machinery.
Suddenly the street was Bananas and the clangor of Japanese instruments.
Richard insists on his possession of the kingdom--"our fields"; "our fair dominions"(17)--construing its welfare as that of an infant threatened by the clangor of feudal violence.
Sounds of traffic dissolved in distance, all clangor sifted through space into a whispering silence, it held a secret, and when letters flamed triumphantly in the sky you felt, ah, that was the secret, this at last was it, this special telegram to God--Sunshine Biscuits.
With closed eyes- I stretch forth my ears Toward the clangor, Toward the resounding steps of the All.
It also was very obedient and even-tempered, even in the midst of the clangor of battle.