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Rasping horns, thunderous trombones and clangorous percussion all played their part in this involving reading under Edward Gardner, but for all the commitment and enthusiasm displayed by this exciting young conductor, everything emerged in this hall as a little sanitised.
But the high-decibel percussion was clangorous and hardly had the rich sonority of a Horowitz or Cliburn.
Not so Rachmaninov's Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, where pianist Alexander Melnikov overlooked poetry and delicacy in favour of a muscular approach that placed machine-drilled precision to the fore - all thrillingly impressive, but far too clangorous and quite charmless.
With its vivid harmonic language and sophisticated accompaniment, the final song of the group, Eight o'clock to words by Housman, had a macabre power, its account of a man awaiting execution reaching a clangorous conclusion as the church clock struck.
Bass lines underpinned glittering treble utterances with import and inevitability, the vast range of almost symphonic (and, in the andantino, operatic) contrasts was integrated seamlessly, and the structure was brilliantly framed by an opening and conclusion more clangorous than anything in between.
Authoritative articulation, a powerful left hand (what thunderous but never clangorous octaves in the C minor Polonaise), and a subtle combination of well-judged pedalling and fleet fingerwork brought us close to Chopin's own performing style -though that would have been in a far more intimate hall and with a much lighter piano.
Although very well played and viable as an expression of bitterness and anger -especially in the clangorous scherzo -Litton's interpretation was full of noise, bluster and even desperation, rather than the ambiguous subtleties of Shelley's 'Spirit of Delight' that Elgar took as his muse.
The Great Gate of Kiev finale was tremendous, powerful but never clangorous, Kissin's bold pedalling conveying overtones of a myriad proudly tolling bells.
The only uncomfortable note, annoyingly noticeable but not Rog's fault, was the clangorous piano tone, which never sounded fully in tune with itself or the others.
Drummer Paul Apperley maintains a monomaniac tattoo, working the toms with malicious blows, but the real return is made by his brother, guitarist Alan, whose clangorous wall of sound does the work of three lesser axes, working closely with Eammon Duffy, who pedals and putters around his heavy-core basslines.
David Pettit, his Steinway occasionally clangorous in this hall for once without its acoustic baffles, joined the Albion players as they beguiled us with Finzi's spring-like clarinet Bagatelles (Angela Malsbury's reading loving and grateful) and darker Interlude for oboe (Caird piping Pan-like in an English woodland).
his loose-limbed, somewhat clangorous reading had all the freshness of an improvisation.