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And behind the county's pastoral veils, a suspicious, clannish population inhabits the forested hollows.
Some may argue that there are several landmarks since Lebanon's independence in 1943 that have proven the futility of attempts to keep a self-perpetuating, clannish and sectarian traditional political system.
Gucci Garden - Gucci Official Facebook Page CAIRO -- 11 January 2018: The Palazzo della Mercanzia is now home to the Gucci Garden, an Alessandro Michele creation which will exclusively house a clannish store with unrivaled pieces.
"Around the world, including in the United States, we are seeing the resurgence of a worldview that is closed off and clannish. President Trump keeps longstanding allies such as Germany at arm's length, while expressing admiration for autocrats like Vladimir Putin who thwart democratic institutions," Biden claimed.
He said: "There is the tourist part of Dublin that's very different from the actual Dublin which is a very clannish parochial place.
Tynan of the ICG notes: "Uzbekistan is a clannish, ethnically diverse country with regions that were rival khanates for centuries and still have conflict potential.
I'm really done with Bollywood depicting tribal, clannish societies in such stereotypical terms, feathers in their hair, paint on their faces.
The Birmingham Evening Mail reported on October 30, 1934: "They cling together in a compact community, held close by race, language and religion, but not clannish, and continually introducing into their midst English wives and husbands." This corner of Digbeth went on to be home to a large Irish community in later decades, often referred to as part of the Irish Quarter.
He said South Darfur had seen tribal conflicts during the previous period, urging the citizens not to be clannish with respect to the fight against crime.
It has become something of an alternative national anthem, certainly far more rousing than The Corries' semi-official Flower Of Scotland dirge although the fact that it is so closely identified with Hibernian FC might pose clannish discord despite the Proclaimers' SNP affiliations.