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Each national grouping was well established in Verdun and seemed prone to clannishness in many social activities such as marriage and worship, although no strictly defined neighbourhoods developed.
She believes there's far too much clannishness, harassment and mean-spiritedness on campus, and that students need to think about the consequences and talk about ways to change.
There is a certain clannishness about certain parts of North Wales that you don't observe in the south,' she said.
Closely connected with this task is the dramatic and painful movement of the Hebrews back and forth between a clan mentality, on the one hand, and a new kind of mentality which transcends clannishness and, in effect, calls for its annulment.
The real source of the difficulty is the Japanese cultural tendency toward a tribalistic miuchi ishiki (literally "kinship feeling"), a term that sounds innocent enough at first, but in Japanese has nuances of a negative, narrow-minded clannishness.
For a change, a remake outstrips the original, maintaining a light tone along with the suspense of the cleverly orchestrated heist, but avoiding the nudge-nudge-aren't-we-having-fun clannishness of the Ratpack.
In his first 40 pages, for example, Goldberg revisits the original flap over his Journal op-ed to hammer out an unedifying portrait of stereotyped elite media clannishness.
Without faith to animate it, tradition is soon gutted and sterile, and the family bond, a natural good in itself, descends into mere clannishness.
1) The word connotes tribal solidarity, clannishness, tribalism and race as well as national consciousness.
This small volume, edited by Pearl McHaney, may also be taken to symbolize the clannishness and parochialism of Welty studies: Daniele Pitavy-Souques, doyenne of European Weltyans, is the only foreigner allowed into this miniature Southern Parnassus and Anthony Grooms the only African American.
He also contended that Jews there "have lost their national clannishness and have welcomed into their midst people of other racial origin with whom they live like brothers.