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5) No matter how successful these programs are, however, in order for foreign military and civilian efforts to have an enduring impact, they have to fundamentally alter Afghan society's vulnerability to theocracy, xenophobia, intolerance, sexism, and clannishness.
Scots immigrants were always recognisable through native traits, distinctive speech, and alleged clannishness, even after a long time in America, but the next generation was even more quickly assimilated than the later waves of immigrants from Ireland, Italy, or Central Europe.
It has become exactly like medieval Scotland - the clannishness, the introversion.
Moreover, the group were exercised by the tension of balance; for example, domestic/professional; development/age and lifespan; single-mindedness/ flexibility/being dogged; bravery and self-protection; friendships, tribalism and clannishness.
Such clannishness has persisted because many wealthy Hamptons buyers demand the utmost discretion and because the real estate community has been slow to incorporate technology.
Excluded from many occupations, they, too, survived by clannishness and trade.
Georgian" and "Caucasian" now have the same resonance for people in Russia as "Sicilian" used to have for Europeans and Americans--the very epitome of violent clannishness and ruthless gangsterism.
Yet in places like New York City, where Jewish Syrians (culturally very close to Iraqi Jews) and Yemeni Jews were driven into clannishness by early and later negative experiences with coreligionists, in all likelihood any Arabic-speaking Jew could expect that "the amazed cry of ' Bist du a Yid?
What more need he look for--Jew moneylender/usurer, clannishness, bloodthirstiness, all here?
groups followed a similar trajectory from exclusion, clannishness, and
Among those aspects are overweening self-confidence, intellectual conformity, clannishness, and disregard for the ideas of outsiders.
Even worse, young antifascist leftists self-righteously criticized "Jewish" personality traits, including supposed misogyny and clannishness.