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3) A major purpose of this essay is to explain how Dixon reconciled his imperialism with the anti-imperialist sentiments frequently expressed in The Clansman.
Armed tribesmen also seeking the release of an imprisoned fellow clansman kidnapped three Spanish tourists and held them for nearly 12 hours on Aug 8 in the south-eastern province of Shabwa.
The grumpy old men, played by comic duo Greg Hemphill and Ford Kiernan, launch an angry protest to save the Clansman boozer.
1bn replacement for the ageing Clansman system when it deploys to the region next month, senior defence officials said yesterday.
As a part of its adjustment to the new NATO command structure and operational concept that includes out-of-area operations, the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) initiated a comprehensive modernization of its communications and control network Beginning from the tactical level, the Clansman system, used for about 20 years, will be replaced by the new Bowman system.
In the process, she falls in love with the clansman heir--and also fears his people's "savagery.
The Bowman system would replace the UK armed services' current Clansman Combat Net Radio as the primary means of command and control below brigade level in land operations.
Bowman, which will replace the British Army Clansman, is a computerised radio system which brings Internet-style communications to the battlefield.
Bowman, which will replace the existing Clansman family of radios, is designed to provide the Armed Forces with a secure tactical communications solution.
found that Fitzpatrick, riding Clansman, had struck out at Bint Habibi and her rider Chris Catlin two furlongs from home.
Griffith movie The Birth of a Nation (1915), based on two of Dixon's earliest novels, The Leopard's Spots (1902) and The Clansman (1905).