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Sheikh Saleh al-Nuemi, organizer of the assembly, said in an interview with the Syrian TV on Sunday that the awareness of clansmen and tribesman in Syria played a role in foiling the conspiracy targeting Syria's national unity.
When the clansmen attacked on Thursday, the fishermen were able to overpower their captors and detain eight of them in holds of the two boats.
As he tells his fellow Clansmen, "Your fathers who created this Nation were first Conspirators, then Revolutionists, now Patriots and Saints" (338).
They said the release of the hostage, who was kidnapped to press for the freedom of jailed fellow clansmen, was secured after mediation by tribal figures and local officials in Shabwa, 580 km southeast of Sanaa.
As a result, say the clansmen, all but one of the nine streams on the hill have dried up.
recently telling him that an organization known as the Sons of the Clansmen had been formed in that city.
Salam Hassan al-Nasseri, one of Saddam's clansmen, aged 45, said: "I condemn the way he was executed and I consider it a crime.
I condemn the way he was executed and I consider it a crime," said 45-year-old Salam Hassan al-Nasseri, one of Saddam's clansmen who attended the interment in the village just outside Tikrit, 180 miles north of Baghdad.
Police said the kidnappers demanded the release of three clansmen detained by police in Sanaa.
His decision to stay in a hotel unprotected by his clansmen, instead of with his childhood friends Bile and Caloosha, exposes the danger and precariousness of his quest.
The MacDonalds claim that the massacre of 38 of their clansmen was part of a British government conspiracy and are now hoping that the inquiry will clear their name and point the blame.
When the independent Rigante clansmen come unexpectedly to the aid of this embattled lord, he is able to hold off the invading forces.