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In the end, she finished just 49 seconds behind new champion, Jenny Claque of Liverpool.
The trip, from March 31 to September 9, 1841, was an unsalaried exile imposed because Bourbonville had addressed the King of Denmark from the stage during a claque incident.
The executive editor of the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call and a host on Fox News, Kondracke continued: "Part of the equation, too, is a loud claque of radio and TV talk show hosts who rail against an 'invasion' of foreigners flooding across 'porous' U.
The Silent Witness claque in the stands, faces painted in the black and green colours, began to go wild again.
That she does so without the bang-bang-you're-dead "ironies" of so many European painters of the Kippenbergian claque is refreshing, too.
En la memoria de los maestros sobrevive el recuerdo de la corrupcion, control y represion que prodigo en el seno del gremio el lider alemanista Jesus Robles Martinez; tambien se evoca, no sin resentimiento, el aplastamiento brutal que los lideres charros hicieron del disidente Movimiento Revolucionario del Magisterio (1958-1960) y las conductas manipuladoras y delictivas que trajo al sector educativo Carlos Jonguitud, quien asumio el liderazgo mediante un asalto armado al edificio del SNTE y ejercio su control a traves de una ruidosa claque de potros que lo proclamo "lider vitalicio".
During the entire year of 1981, relying on his claque of lawyers at the Department of Justice, he and Trudeau refuted pro-life arguments against the Charter, only to be proven wrong seven years later.
Vosko's stock-in-trade is helping bishops save and restore their cathedrals, while realigning their worship space in the light of post-Vatican II liturgical norms -- for which he is frequently hounded by a claque of obscurantist critics who don't like his work.
It is truly gratifying to watch a Canadian singer, designer or director triumph internationally, and fun to applaud and cheer as shamelessly as any claque.
In 1985, Tipper Gore and Susan Baker, spouses of then-Senator Al Gore and then-Treasury Secretary James Baker, founded the Parents' Music Resource Center, a claque of concerned citizens who just happened to be married to some of the most powerful men in the country.
For her sociology, she has examined censors' reports, reviews, memoirs, theatrical treatises, and the scripts themselves, aware that each of these sources is itself a partial and volatile mix of politics and prejudice, clique and claque.