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Yet while the uncertainty over whether or not this glass of milk contains poison does complicate the clarificatory role more typically performed by objects in Hitchcock's films, it is an ambiguity that nevertheless remains distinct from the kind associated with their counterpart in Lang's films.
Since our results will critically depend on the nature of the monitoring technology assumed, two additional clarificatory comments are in order at this juncture.
intimate that these paraphrases are anything other than of clarificatory significance" - the meaning of this eludes me: what else could S.
Further investigation by the regulator and exchanges have also showed that ' speculative' news reports in many cases have come true at a later stage, which has been within a day or two in a few instances, despite the concerned companies having denied any knowledge about any such developments while replying to the clarificatory notices.
include some modernising and clarificatory amendments, as well as other