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Clarify will be demonstrating the Home Light Therapy System at the American Academy of Dermatology Meeting in booth # 1046 at the San Diego Convention Center February 16-18 and at a hospitality reception on February 16 from 5-8 pm at the company's offices at 401 West A Street, Suite 950 in San Diego.
I don't think Clarify will continue as a standalone CRM contender, it will become more of a Nortel hardware, software sell - a bundle rather than a strategy," she said.
Although design and development costs would likely be deducted by all taxpayers as research and development expenditures (and thus not require guidance), he said, the next round of guidance will likely clarify the treatment of design and development activities, packaging, repackaging, labeling, and minor assembly work.
The Statement would clarify under what circumstances a financial contract -- either an option-based or non-option-based contract -- with an initial net investment would meet the characteristic of a derivative discussed in paragraph 6(b) of Statement 133.
Connor wouldn't give any specifics about exactly what it plans to do with Clarify's CRM suite, although he noted it would not be integrated into any of Nortel's offerings per se rather the vendor would offer bundles or packages of Clarify software on Nortel hardware.
The changes in the final rule clarify the types of contracts that are subject to the rule and specify that the statutory requirement for notifying Congress of contracts with ordering periods exceeding 10 years expires at the end of fiscal year 2009.
Interpretation 17 provides illustrative language in the auditor's report to clarify that an audit performed in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards (GAAS) does not require the same level of testing and reporting on internal control over financial reporting as an audit of an issuer for whom section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 is applicable.
During 2003 alone, Congress has inserted language to clarify the appropriate treatment of in at least five separate pieces of legislation.
The new laws clarify (and thus strengthen) the CBA's subpoena power for disciplinary purposes.
Therefore, an organization needs to clarify how it expects internal audit to generate value and stimulate high performance.
Help desk outfit Clarify Inc says it will continue to build and buy software to fill out its eFrontOffice strategy which extends its footprint from employee-facing applications out to customers and suppliers in the channel and in the field.