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But we decline to adopt a rule requiring officers to ask clarifying questions.
State law enforcement agencies have additional incentive for adopting an interrogation policy that encourages clarifying questions.
In doing so, the court acknowledged that the defendant's statement to the interrogating officer was an ambiguous request for counsel that, according to the Supreme Court in Davis, requires no clarifying questions.
Accordingly, the court held that an ambiguous or equivocal request for counsel compels law enforcement officers in that State to either cease all interrogation or resolve the ambiguity through clarifying questions.
Assuming that the court's decision in Hoey is not an aberration, law enforcement agencies can avoid similar decisions in their own State courts by adopting interrogation policies that require clarifying questions.
Clarifying whether the partners are going to be equal or not is fundamental to a clear business relationship.
Beforehand, each partner should rank the nine components listed in exhibit 1 on page 114 from most to least important in clarifying their business agreements.
PARTNERS CAN develop a better understanding of their business relationships by ranking the importance of nine critical factors and clarifying how the firm will address each one.