clarifying statement

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At first, the decision came across as an impulsively petulant move, but Bieber has since come out with a clarifying statement that has mollified some of his fans.
Ratzinger's most clarifying statement was this: Any form of illumination that remains on the intellectual level is a counterfeit form of holiness if the moral person as a whole doesn't correspond to the experience.
But Vaezi's clarifying statement wasn't very clarifying.
Meanwhile, the Cabinet pointed out the Command of the Coalition's clarifying statement regarding recent media reports on some non-governmental relief and human rights organizations containing fallacies about health conditions in Yemen and underestimating the Coalition's efforts and its positive role in the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Yemeni people.
A simple clarifying statement such as "including dock and attached boathouse" could work wonders.
Suzanne Bonamici, both Democrats, pushed the Education Department for the clarifying statement, and both isssued statements saying they were encouraged by the new guidance.
Incharge of the Cell, Syed Mohiuddin while clarifying statement published in a section of press regarding mosquitoes and dengue clarified that we have started works against dengue virus from April last and three rounds have so far been completed.
In a clarifying statement, the governor's office said the state would not "authorize or order state agencies" to deny benefits to same-sex couples.
His staff, too, sent out a clarifying statement afterward, saying that Paul ''believes that vaccines have saved lives, and should be administered to children.
Insurance firms saw share price falls of more than 20% on Friday before the FCA issued its clarifying statement, having already been hard hit by pensions reforms announced in the Budget.
INSURANCE rms saw share price falls of more than 20% on Friday before the FCA issued its clarifying statement.
Presumably he will submit a clarifying statement to the committee--or not.