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His hand went out impulsively to hers, but she avoided the clasp by a sort of bodily stiffening and chill, the while the eyes smiled still more gloriously.
She leaped up from her chair, and flinging her clasp on the ground, she gesticulated rapidly with her hands and said:
She unfastened the clasp and seated herself in his most comfortable chair.
She drew on her own cloak and fastened the clasp with shaking fingers.
It seemed to tremble, and to clasp its hands, and to smile, and to burst into tears.
The greatest curiosity of the study remains to be mentioned; it was a ponderous folio volume, bound in black leather, with massive silver clasps.
Undoing the silver clasps, he opened the volume, and took from among its black-letter pages a rose, or what was once a rose, though now the green leaves and crimson petals had assumed one brownish hue, and the ancient flower seemed ready to crumble to dust in the doctor's hands.
CLASP has led appliance market transformation programs around the globe for more than 15 years.
Halogen lamps have become the most popular lighting choice among European consumers, according to a 2014 analysis by CLASP, in collaboration with the Swedish Energy Agency, the Belgian Federal Ministry for Health, Food Chain Safety & Environment, and eceee.
We're delighted to be working with Open Clasp for the first time," said Inga Hirst, learn and train manager at Frantic Assembly.
The latest in a string of successful, socially aware Open Clasp theatre productions, it imagined a group of women from diverse backgrounds brought together in a church where they've taken shelter from a ferocious storm.
A group of us got together and contacted the MoD, but we were initially told that he didn't qualify for the clasp.