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Making light of the tension and expectation surrounding their meeting, the two men clasped hands merrily and marched off swinging their arms, without talking to reporters.
Sometimes in the evenings, they clasped hands and listened to the rumble of the sea, which pounded away at their boat.
jpg) image was captioned "Nicotero n I just got hitched" and shows two clasped hands, the other covered in blood.
Kennedy hugged and clasped hands with her lawyers as a six-person jury cleared her of driving while impaired, a misdemeanor.
Each prayer chapter has a special bedtime Bible thought, coded with an open book symbol, a hug-a-bye prayer in shaded sidebars with clasped hands code symbol, and last, a nighty night ending with crescent moon symbol.
Alice Tatlow's list of tattoos are described as: "Prince of Wales feathers, back right hand; heart, clasped hands, true love K.
Yesterday's front page focused on photos of April and her parents' clasped hands because her smiling face and their strength were what we felt summed up the trial's outcome.
Sitting in the front row, the Duchess of Cambridge's sister tried to look relaxed as photographers circled, but her clasped hands holding tightly onto the hemline of her short skirt gave a hint that she was not totally at ease, the Daily Mail reported .
She told Allatt, who sat next to his solicitor and looked down at his clasped hands and up at the judge as she spoke, that in normal circumstances she would hand out a community order for an assault conviction but his case had aggravating factors.
Overlooking the Mahalaxmi racecourse, the hotel will form a part of the Namaste Tower, an iconic 55-storey mixed-use building designed by WS Atkins to look like clasped hands.
Voters will can mark one of two choices - a single hand for independence or two clasped hands for unity.