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Sun head of news Chris Pharo, 46, and district reporter Jamie Pyatt, 52, clasped hands and embraced each other after the jury delivered its verdict after 12 hours of deliberations.
Claddagh rings are anticipated to be very trendy in the upcoming festive season, as the design depicts two clasped hands holding a heart.
The existing mosaic, by Darlington artist John Todd, shows images from her life, including the beach where she loved to walk, racehorses at Redcar Racecourse, where she celebrated her wedding to late husband John, the steelworks, the Zetland lifeboat, the Houses of Parliament and clasped hands and doves symbolising the Northern Ireland peace process.
Appearing in custody at Westminster Magistrates' Court in London yesterday, the 54-year-old director-general of Rwanda's national intelligence raised his clasped hands above his head as he entered the dock, prompting cheers from the packed public gallery.
At the house he was invited to hongi, where he clasped hands and pressed his nose up against the people he met.
Making light of the tension and expectation surrounding their meeting, the two men clasped hands merrily and marched off swinging their arms, without talking to reporters.
Sometimes in the evenings, they clasped hands and listened to the rumble of the sea, which pounded away at their boat.
jpg) image was captioned "Nicotero n I just got hitched" and shows two clasped hands, the other covered in blood.
Kennedy hugged and clasped hands with her lawyers as a six-person jury cleared her of driving while impaired, a misdemeanor.
Each prayer chapter has a special bedtime Bible thought, coded with an open book symbol, a hug-a-bye prayer in shaded sidebars with clasped hands code symbol, and last, a nighty night ending with crescent moon symbol.
Moments before the verdicts were announced a group of his relatives clasped hands in the public gallery.
Alice Tatlow's list of tattoos are described as: "Prince of Wales feathers, back right hand; heart, clasped hands, true love K.