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Wing with more than 10 small white spots; clasping cercus rather wide, not finger-like
The heart-rending picture of Anat Hoffman clasping a Torah Scroll is just part of a pantomime.
But the way they are clasping hands is a sign there's still hope for them - there's still some genuine closeness there.
"Clasping hands is a basic action of Buddhist prayer to show appreciation.
In Fondest Memory: Arthur Guinness: Guinness lifts the dull metal hinges/of the heart, let the cracked leather/soften and breather/unbuckles the rest/until the clasps groan and give,/ eyelets of silver, winks of gold/ as the old brass disappears and hips/ of metal begin to swing, and in rubbing/sing restraint to its collapse/upon the floor, until the best of all/our clasping and unclasping can begin.