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The purse was topped with a gold-plated ant and an aventurine jade clasp.
The two enclosure pieces can be fitted with hinges and clasps, or left separate and joined together using only clasps.
This combination eliminates most of the difficulty of recurrent sore spots, since the framework resists movement and pressure from the clasps, while having the benefit of nearly invisible, gum coloured clasps (Fig.
Theoretically, Mr Moss should be eligible for a bombing Crew Clasp on two counts: In the picture which you published, he is seen pointing to the 1939-1945 Star, which takes preference over all other Second World War decorations, awarded to members of HM Forces serving overseas in any theatre of War.
Prime Minister David Cameron speaks with World War II veterans after presenting them with clasps during the Bomber Command and Arctic Star medal presentations at Downing Street yesterday
8220;The Troffer Door Clasp solves a problem that is both common and expensive.
Clasps authorized for the award of additional Good Conduct Medals: Bronze for one to four awards, silver for five to nine awards and gold for 10 or more awards.
Melbourne, Feb 14 (ANI): A US engineer has invented a bra clasp that comes off when you clap your hands.
Pincher which was only awarded two clasps for this action.
WINTERED OVER For wintering over on Antarctica continent--a clasp for Antarctica Service Medal; a suspension ribbon and a disc for the service ribbon; bronze for the first winter; gold for the second winter; and silver for the third
SIX UNIFORMED members of staff from the Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing of the Air Training Corps, who have clocked up a combined total of 156 years of voluntary uniformed service, have been presented with Cadet Forces Medals and Clasps in recognition of their long and distinguished service and commitment to the Corps.
A Military General Service Medal from 1848 with five clasps from Toulouse, Vittoria, Salamanca, Albuhera and Talavera made pounds 1,640 pounds and a Military General Service Medal from 1848 with three clasps fetched pounds 800.