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Step five (5): classifying the population (classifiable population) chronologically.
For both mtDNA fragments, the populations with the minimum p-distances from the Grosseto population were those from Tuscany and Marche (Table 3), which were morphologically classifiable as K.
A close reading of Mises (1980) seems to support the latter meaning of money substitutes, that only those instruments valued solely for being claims to money are classifiable as money substitutes.
For example, Listed HFF can be imported and sold in Korea without a formal product approval from the KFDA, as long as: (a) it is classifiable into a category In the HFF Code and meets the standards and specifications for that category, (b) approved ingredients and food additives are used and (c) labeling requirements are met.
A new penal code taking effect on January 1, 2010 clearly defines the previously ambiguous "small amount" of drugs in personal possession classifiable as a misdemeanor offense, and establishes a lower, one-year maximum sentence for criminal possession of so-called "soft drugs", as opposed to a two-year maximum penalty for possession of other controlled substances.
Six participants had one or less classifiable tasks and so could not be used.
The Commission considers that these charges contravene the tax exemption provided for in Article 3 of the Protocol on the Privileges and Immunities of the European Communities, since they are clearly classifiable as direct taxes rather than proportional charges for public utility services provided directly to the institutions.
Offenses against the family and children--Unlawful nonviolent acts by a family member (or legal guardian) that threaten the physical, mental, or economic well-being or morals of another family member and that are not classifiable as other offenses, such as Assault or Sex Offenses.
According to the legislation, any applicant who submits an application to the board for licensure by examination agrees to provide the Georgia Board of Nursing with all information necessary to run a criminal background check, including, but not limited to, classifiable sets of fingerprints.
These three indicators are related to O98 (Maternal infectious and parasitic diseases classifiable elsewhere but complicating pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium) and are associated with ACS 1521.
If one's prototype for great drama is a stage play in the public theater that has held audiences over centuries--the plays, say, of Sophocles, Shakespeare, and Racine--Samson Agonistes will remain marginal drama or not really classifiable as drama at all.
While broadly classifiable as sociology of knowledge, the book ranges over a vast and complex territory, thus defying neat review.