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Precisely, online classified ads have brought a complete metamorphosis of internet marketing.
Also classified as Class "A" were Muleta and Aloran rivers in Region 10 and Alibunan River in Iloilo (Region 6).
Bicol Region's (Region 5) Masbate Bay and Mobo Bay, both in the province of Masbate, were classified as Class "SC" and "SB," respectively.
In 2010, around 64.8 percent of the 2,586 urban barangays were classified under Category 1.
Perception of classification rates In your school system, how do you think the number of students who are classified with a disability compares to the number of students who should be classified with a disability?
This approach allows for the easy identification and removal of classified portions of a document so that less sensitive sections can be shared in unclassified settings.
There are 1,000 new classified ads placed every hour on El Clasificado.
By participating in online classifieds, an area typically with highly successful sites nationally, Telenor will gain increased exposure to the mobile Internet growth, it said.
Online classifieds have gained immense popularity in India during the past decade.
According to the statement, the charges result from an investigation that was triggered by a classified defense filing in January 2009, which contained classified information the defense had not been given through official government channels, and, in part, by the discovery in the spring of 2009 of photographs of certain government employees and contractors in the materials of high-value detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
"As much as 41 per cent of the adult population reads classified in UAE," he told Gulf News, noting that "heavy readers of newspapers in UAE tend to be amongst higher age groups than heavy internet users.
This report provides information on classified information policy, which also is called security classification policy and national security classification information policy.