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In the complicated old European communities, Archer began to guess, love-problems might be less simple and less easily classified.
They classified him as a sleep-walker and took precautions accordingly--precautions that very often were futile.
Whereupon, after pleadings and entreaties that extended through weeks, Professor Wert took a dislike to the young man, believed him a liar, and classified him as a man of monstrous selfishness for not giving him a glimpse of this wonderful screed that was older than the oldest any philologist had ever known or dreamed.
Its main operations may be classified under three heads: (1) Pictorial and Presentative.
That his sense perceptions were transmitted to his brain and there translated, classified, and labeled was something quite beyond him.
Sturdy and defying though he look, he has a helm which he obeys, which is the idea after which all his facts are classified.
I don't say there is no standard, for that would destroy morality; only that there can be no standard until our impulses are classified and better understood.
I can see now that your 'Man About Town' should havc been classified long ago.
With the insight of a man of the world, from one glance at this lady's appearance Vronsky classified her as belonging to the best society.
Since the inception of its LLC statute, Georgia has classified an LLC for state tax purposes in the same manner as it is classified for Federal income tax purposes, under O.
Launched in 2001, Classified Cosmetics' award-winning ERA[R] product was the first consumer spray-on "airbrush" make-up available in a hand-held aerosol spray.
We focus on enabling our customers to meet their classified objectives both strategically and in terms of revenue generation," said David Rice, AdPay's president & CEO.