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Mondo Monofibre 3NX - Nine fibers classified as "Good," one fiber classified as "Hair-Splitting"
com, sought to understand from residents across the region what they use classifieds or the Internet shopping for, the reasons why they visit classifieds sites online, and what they most like about online classifieds.
What's probably not coming back, Pruitt added, is the small liner-type classified, especially in help-wanted, which he believes is most affected by secular changes.
National ad revenue in the period was down 10 percent, to just over $1 million, while classified ad revenue was down 13.
All types of lenders experienced a decline in classified assets during 2004, with U.
Michael Grote, director, NSF Urban Systemic Program, Columbus Public Schools: "They are classified personnel who live in the district.
Attorney Ronald Wigler told reporters that next Friday he would privately give Politan classified and unclassified summaries of the system's operation and more affidavits detailing the national security aspects at stake.
He also thinks that if the agency is required to treat its EEZ bathymetry data as classified, it would "be forced out of the mapping business.
An employee must undergo security clearances that are, in theory, progressively more rigorous the higher the level of classified information he is to have access to.
According to standing directives, the storage of a classified document on a non-classified system would necessitate the need for the agency to "wipe" the disk of that system, losing all information on it and bringing any number of network applications--and their users to a grinding halt.
When including its operations in the United Kingdom, classified real estate revenue was down 9.