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According to Gazprom, the top-priority measure was to categorise CBM as a new kind of natural resource through adding the "Coal-Bed Gas (Methane)" entry in the Russian Classified Index of Natural Resources and Underground Waters.
It is arranged alphabetically by the last name of the composer or arranger, augmented by a classified index at the back of the book that provides access by medium of performance: cello solo, cello with electronics, two or more cellos, cello and violin, cello and other instruments, two or more soloists, cello and voice, and methods and studies.
The classified index of endeavors is weighted toward literary contributors (248), authors (178), temperance workers (122), educators (99), physicians (78) and philanthropists (73).
It intuitively recognized that the central weakness of the classified index represented by the shelf order is that it distributes many subject concepts over many fields according to the rules for combination already mentioned.
For the month, the insert index soared 11%, the national index rose 4%, the classified index climbed 1%, and the retail index fell 2%.
A classified index of languages according to the genetic relationships among them is included in the book.
Testing the classified index by looking up four things that were on my mind, I located "Wales" easily enough under "Welsh" but discovered that for "Unitarians" I had to find "religionist: Unitarian" and for "sculptor" needed to go back to the A's and see "artist: sculptor.
Fink includes substantial notes and s classified index of the major concepts.
For the month, the national and insert indices rose 16% and 13%, respectively; the retail index was flat; and the classified index fell 4%.
The main body of the catalogue is arranged by acquisition number; a classified index (divided into genres) and a title index provide acquisition numbers for each work.
The relationship between the 1980 census system and the SOC is shown in Census of Population: 1980, Classified Index of Industries and Occupations, Report PHC80-R4, final ed.

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