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The list of CIS bodies engaged in activities of protecting classified information will be determined by the CIS Executive Committee of the CIS.
The leaks of the classified information had earlier sparked the anger of President Donald Trump.
Comey, under oath, testified that the single memo given to his friend to leak to the media did not contain classified information.
The State Department also indicated that Clinton may still access materials that were originated, reviewed, signed or received by her during her tenure at the department, which includes classified information.
The House Ethics Committee issued a statement saying it would investigate allegations Nunes may have made unauthorized disclosures of classified information "in violation of House Rules, law, regulations, or other standards of conduct.
The ethics investigation stems from whether Nunes disclosed classified information while publicly discussing the contents of foreign intelligence reports.
The FBI is examining whether Mrs Clinton, 68, mishandled classified information submitted on her private email while she was Barack Obama's Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013.
Vice Chairman of the National Security Committee Duishonbek Chotkarayev specified that the agreement will ensure protection of classified information being exchanged in the course of political, military, economic, scientific and technical cooperation.
White House Deputy National Security Adviser, Ben Rhodes, said in an appearance on CNN on Tuesday that in 2014, the White House disclosed cyber intrusions that did not affect classified information.
a soldier in the IDF's Armored Corps, charging him with passing on classified information and assisting the enemy.
Existing scholarship has documented a transition from cases in which a government or military-insider defendant already possesses classified information, to cases in which an outsider defendant comes into possession of classified information only through the government's productions during discovery.
He stressed that the regime of classified information exchange is not envisaged by the legislation of Georgia.

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