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Classifier A was identified through sequence alignment, which was a combination of 10 successive numbers --"1000000000.
In Section 4, the classifier ensemble selection method is proposed and the corresponding algorithm is given.
The Afirma Genomic Sequencing Classifier is the next-generation version of the Afirma Gene Expression Classifier, and is used to identify patients with benign thyroid nodules among those with indeterminate cytopathology results in order to preserve the thyroid.
The effectiveness of the DNN classifier is evaluated on real Parkinson data sets which are taken from UCI [19].
This method achieved high tumor image classification accuracy in case of supervised classifier due to the internal weights setted in this internal architecture.
The lamella section enhances the Reflux classifier's capacity, producing a more compact, higher efficient separation unit when compared to competing iron ore and mineral processing equipment such as spirals, up-current classifiers and teeter bed separators.
65% was achieved using 10 fold cross validation with Random Forest classifier.
Lazy classifier saves the training instances and do no genuine work until classification time.
The remainder of this paper is organized as follows: In Section II, we review the DNN classifier.
Each binary classifier is built for distinguishing the remote homologs and non-remote homologs of a specific family.
The maximum number of the unique nominal value per feature is selected as 15 in Naive Bayes classifier and in fuzzy rule we use minimum and maximum of fuzzy norms.
However, for the segregation of the stained and non-stained regions of the seeds of the Catuai cultivar, the set classifier had a slightly higher accuracy.