References in classic literature ?
The remaining figure is apparently that of a man, but I hesitate to classify him so superficially.
Personally, I am unable to classify the creature with any certainty," said Summerlee, lighting his pipe from the fire.
Desiring to classify her, Mary bethought her of the convenient term "egoist.
An observer, accustomed to classify men, might have put him down as a canon of the church with a taste for lay costume and a country life, or as the master of a large public school, who joined his scholars in their outdoor sports.
Her act meant one of so many serious things that he couldn't classify it.
They were unable to classify it, and, being scientific men, they climbed into the whale-boat alongside and went ashore to see.
Was he at a loss how to classify them, and did he consequently think that silence was the more prudent course?
If Genestas' name came up when the officers gossiped after drill, they were wont to classify him among the men who begin with taking the good-conduct prize at school, and who, throughout the term of their natural lives, continue to be punctilious, conscientious, and passionless--as good as white bread, and just as insipid.