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Clattering Sparrows is available in hardcover, paperback, and e-books for Kindle and Nook.
The opening track, "Berlin," is an ode to her time spent living and writing in that city, while the clattering typewriter on "The North Wind" is almost at odds with the modern instrument pairings, giving the track an almost fairy-tale sensibility.
When she clapped the drafty window, pane clattering
It fell off the hinges and landed inside the room, making a loud clattering noise.
Amidst the joyous resonance of Christmas carols, train whistles, clattering rides and laughing children, there's a new sound to be heard during the Holiday Festival of Lights(TM) at Edaville USA(TM): the spoken words of a magical story.
Maybe he'll change his mind after being woken by her clattering home in the early hours.
Since clattering Enzo Maccarinelli to second-round defeat at the same O2 Arena in March and giving up his unified world cruiserweight titles, Haye has brashly called out widely recognised heavyweight number one Wladimir Klitschko.
CLATTERING CLASSES: Rhodri Morgan wants people like the Joe Calzaghe fans in Las Vegas, above, to be represented on the convention; BOXING CLEVER: Rhodri Morgan
Poetry in motion comes to mind as they pulled their heavy load, muscles rippling, hooves striking fire, clattering on the cobblestones as they stamped up the hill.
The disc, smeared with familiar clattering electronic beats and tiresome samples, throws up at least one track with merit, the Kanye West-produced ``Dreams.
He got the ball before clattering into Chris Brandon near the touchline in the 35th minute.
In the larger work, an old, clattering movie projector atop a small Victorian table becomes a kind of drawing machine as the film bypasses the pickup reel and unravels randomly on the floor.