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Number 14 Clattering Ford is now waiting for someone else to fall in love with it.
Clattering Sparrows is available in hardcover, paperback, and e-books for Kindle and Nook.
Europe, the out of control clattering train, heading towards inevitable collapse with half asleep politicians now powerless to halt it.
The opening track, "Berlin," is an ode to her time spent living and writing in that city, while the clattering typewriter on "The North Wind" is almost at odds with the modern instrument pairings, giving the track an almost fairy-tale sensibility.
MrMorgan insisted he did not want the "usual suspects" and the "chattering classes" but rather the "clattering classes".
Mr Morgan, a keen follower of boxing, said he wanted the convention to include some of the "8,000 Welsh fans who went to Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago to see Joe Calzaghe" - hence the term "clattering", derived from a colloquialism for a heavy blow or clash.
TROMPO.COM STARTED OFF TWO YEARS AGO AS A VENEzuelan local content portal but like its namesake toy--a spinning top--it soon came clattering to the ground, a victim of competition from an onslaught of similar local-content portals.
So much for the clattering claw-part theory, which Au, too, now rejects.
The clattering plates, poundingmusic, raucous customers, and steady din from the kitchen and bar can soar as high as the levels measured in heavy industry manufacturing, according to 'researchers at the University of California, San Francisco.
When she clapped the drafty window, pane clattering
The boss, grim-faced as always, Walks through the clattering office Where furrowed brows survey files, Stare at green-lit screens; He, as unaware as an eagle of its fleas, Passes with distant stare, unspeaking.
It fell off the hinges and landed inside the room, making a loud clattering noise.