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If you're stood in the box and someone clatters you I think it's a penalty," he said.
The Queen Aethelfleda railway bridge lurks behind, the Transporter Bridge clatters on (note cradle dangling mid-river) to its inevitable fate.
KINGSTON CLOWN: The Hearts midfielder clatters into Nicholson
Naharin is a forceful director and competent craftsman cliche after cliche tumbles laboriously from his imagination and clatters onto the stage, but they do tumble logically.
1st min: Zabaleta clatters into Hazard and Mourinho gesticulates to his bench with his index finger.
One minute: Ashley Cole clatters into Cristiano Ronaldo on the touchline.
1min: Pablo Zabaleta clatters into Eden Hazard, Mourinho gestures to his bench with his index finger.